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No other Filipino based in Canada has done what Cleo “Cleigh” Dimayuga is doing for her fellow Filipinos in the Philippines, especially to nurses, among other health workers, wishing to work in Canada.
Dimayuga, 35, of Dingle, Iloilo, has made it as her “personal advocacy” the campaign to raise Filipino nurses to become landed immigrants in Quebec.
A board member of the AAFQ AAFQ-Association des aides familiales du Québec, Dimayuga said, “I don’t like to see them (nurses) land in Canada as caregivers but as landed immigrants.”
Dimayuga, who has been with the Canadim-Canadian Immigration Law Firm since June this year as immigration specialist, said landed immigrants are equivalent to green card holders in the United States.


“Landed immigrants have the same privileges as Canadian citizens, except to vote,” Dimayuga explained. “I am serious and committed to my campaign in this program because nobody knows when will this program last.”
A product of St. Paul University College of Arts and Mass Communications batch 1997, “Paulinian” Dimayuga has linked with immigration law firm Dery and Associates and conducts free evaluation for nurses intending to work and migrate to Quebec.
Dimayuga holds free evaluation and does not charge a single centavo from applicants “because I am motivated to help and I am offering a lifetime investment for Filipino nurses and their family,” Dimayuga told this writer in an exclusive interview at the Starbucks Coffee last September 30.


Dimayuga said her campaign focuses primarily to help fast-track permanent residency for applicants based on the Quebec Skilled Worker Category where basic French conversational language is one of the requirements, and with no board examination and no show money needed.
Since arriving in the Philippines in July this year, Dimayuga and the two immigration lawyers Renaud Dery and Richard Dery, have conducted 17 seminars in hospitals and nursing schools in Metro Manila, Iloilo, Roxas City, and Bacolod City where they were assisted by seminar organizer, Dr. Chris Sorongon. They received invitations to conduct seminars in the towns of Pototan and Zarraga, including Passi City where Dimayuga said she was assured support by no less than Iloilo Division Schools Superintendent Raymundo Lapating.
The program offered through the Quebec Skilled Worker Category started in 2009 and was promoted only by immigration agencies. “No single Filipino has so far raised this program for Filipino nurses, and I feel this is the right time for me to make this as my personal advocacy,” Dimayuga said.


They first introduced the program last July 17 in Montreal in a dinner with 400 members of the Filipino community and in “Fiesta sa Nayon” attended by 5,000 people.
She said while doing the seminars in various places in Metro Manila and in Western Visayas, Dimayuga noticed that most of the hotel receptionists were nursing graduates and board passers.
Public service has been in the Dimayuga blood, she surmised. Her father, Jose Arroyo Dimayuga Sr. is a retired Napocor employee; and her mother, Dorothea Dayot Laguting-Dimayuga, is an elected village chief for 20 years.
Her two brothers are Jay Dimayuga, a computer engineer; and Jose Dimayuga Jr., an aeronautical engineer. Her only sister Joy Dimayuga-Estrada is a nurse.
Dimayugas’s only daughter is KC Korine Cleighne Dimayuga- Tingzon, 13, is studying at the Creative Mind International School.


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  1. Danny Arriola

    October 8, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    In my opinion, Miss Dimayuga is giving false hope to lots of nursing graduates by advicing them like my two nephews that they are ELIGIBLE TO APPLY upon payment of the 1st instalments of $1000. She did not mention the word not qualified. How could somebody be qualified when what is needed is SKILLED nurses and they are just graduate and working in call centers. To be skilled nurse, you have to be working in a hospital and you have to be experience for some time.
    Per information I received from another immigration office from Toronto is that Canadian Nurses qouta has been filled up since last August 31, 2011. With all those skilled nurses applying, for sure my nephews do not stand a chance and will be lossing the $1000 if they are able to afford it. I am not going to share even a dollar for it.
    Just wondering. I can give you more info if you are interested.
    Thank you very much.
    Danny from Ottawa Canada

  2. Cleo Dimayuga

    October 29, 2011 at 3:56 am

    Hi Sir Arriola,

    As far as i explained with you and with your Nephew, and niece, this program is offered in a Quebec Province. The program is called Quebec Skilled Worker Program. In order to be qualified in my Program (the one i am raising now) you need to be evaluated first. We had requested your niece and nephews CV for FREE evaluation. As soon as they get the proposal it stated that they are QUALIFIED. They can not receive a Proposal from us if they do not qualify.

    Canada has 3 Programs available:
    1.) Federal Program:
    which requires, show money, ielts, board exams, and they have a Quota (which you mentioned, it was cap reached, it was re-opend last July 1, and it was Cap Reached again in Sept.)
    And this by Point system.

    2) Provincial Nomination : needs an employer PN-Certificate


    The Quebec Skilled Program: does NOT Require IELTS, No Board Exams needed, NO SHOW MONEY, and NO QUOTA.

    —the quoata that you mentioned is for federal program, Quebec is open, however they required basic conversational French Classes. The requirements is you have to obtain your Bachelors Degree in Nursing for the past 5 years, and you have at least 6 months full time work experience with pay to any job (as long as your Nursing Degree was acquired within the last 5 years) If you obtain your Degree more than 5 years, then you must have a full time Nursing work experience with pay for atleast 1 year in the Hospital.

    Now, you mentioned the fees, from the start we evaluate the profile of your niece and nephew, we did it for FREE, in which other Agencies and Consultants, they charges from 25,000php to 65,000php just for an evaluation. And wE ARE OFFERING IT FOR FREE.

    —after they are evaluated, if they qualify as i mentioned they will receive the proposal, it’s for them to think and decide if they will go or not…

    The $1000cad is the first payment fees for them to start their file, that is upon signing a contract with us.

    I think you do not understand the program well, and this is sad that you write something negative, about me…just to realize what you said is not true. You must i think read the proposal sent to your niece and nephew and digest the concept of the whole program.

    You mentioned, that why we qualified those Nurse who just work in a Call Center? Because the Government of Quebec recognizes any
    kind of job you have for the past 5 years you obtain your degree. We are only using their Nursing Profession to be granted to become Landed Immigrants. Because Nursing is given high extra points, compare to other professions.

    I am not giving false hope here, that is a very negative reaction from what i am
    doing. I invite you to communicate with me for further information about the Quebec Program. Because what you are saying is about the Federal Program which is not what i am offering. It will be my pleasure if you can directly ask me the details rather than saying false thoughts about me.

    Thank you for raising this topic. In anything please do not hesitate to contact me and i am willing to give more informations about the Quebec Program. Thank you and God Bless.


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