24 Nov

By Alex P. Vidal

HOLLYWOOD, California – A major goal of astronomy has been to determine the age of the universe. Astronomers have been forced to accept imprecise estimates because of uncertainties in the data used in their calculations, according to The Five Biggest Ideas in Science co-authors Charles Wynn and Arthur Wiggins.
According to them, one technique for making estimates involves running the expansion of the universe in reverse, as though it were a movie film.
In the reversed movie, instead of moving away from each other, galaxies approach one another. They explain that the age of the universe in this scenario is the time it takes for the galaxies to meet simultaneously, re-creating the primeval fireball.


“Assuming that the rate at which the universe is now expanding has been constant (and, thus, the rate in reversal is constant), the age of the universe can be calculated from the distances separating the galaxies now and the rate at which the universe is expanding,” write Wynn and Wiggins.
According to early data, the age of the universe was estimated at 2 billion years. But this value was inconsistent with the Earth’s estimated age of over 4 billion years! Subsequent data gave the universe an age of about 20 billion years.
Recently, the previously accepted age of the universe came under serious question because of more precise data obtained from the Hubble space telescope.
These data resulted in a much lower estimated age, 12 to 15 billion years. This age has created a crisis in astronomy as earlier estimates and the theories associated with them are reconsidered in light of the new findings.

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  1. Jen Baligat

    November 25, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Steve jobs once said and I quote, “I want to put a ding in the universe.”

    I salute our astronomers for their utmost efforts, wisdom and perseverance to determine and put on record the age of the universe. This is already a “ding” for them just as you also do yours by educating us constantly, consistently and without exhaustion through the power of your pen and lucidity of your insights. Keep writing!

    To my mind, the vast, ageless and limitless universe is an adequate proof that GOD truly exists! The number doesn’t matter; I am but just happy and grateful that I am already a part of the universe.

    [P.S. – ) This may be comin’ in late but I would have to say, “Happy thanksgiving!” Kind regards to your family and loved ones. God’s infinite blessings to all!]


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