09 Dec

By Alex P. Vidal

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario — I am not against members of so-called “third sex” but I am against pedophiles who sexually abuse and expose children to danger and violence.
That’s why when a suspected pedophile recently tarried in my Facebook wall and made a “friend request,” (he probably thought I have many children friends here) I did not only reject him, I also blocked him. I also warned “Art Jimeno” a.k.a “James Fabella” and “Rocky Leung” that if he did not disappear permanently, I would see to it that he was manacled and thrown to the calaboose as soon as he attempted to think of invading the social network for his bestiality.
Pedophiles are everywhere. They are in sports leagues, churches, schools, fraternity groups, scout organizations, social networks, among other “sanctuaries.”


I recalled this incident while watching the early morning news this morning (December 9). The CBC News lady anchor who delivered the news described as “major” the news that Scouts Canada has issued a blanket apology to any former scouts who were sexually abused by its volunteer leaders.
This was accompanied by the video of a high ranking official of Scouts Canada apologizing before the Canadian TV. The story was indeed “major” because it dislodged the other controversial story about an RCMP officer accused of assaulting and sexually harrassing four female colleagues in the 1990s.
The youth organization also announced that it has hired an outside company to review its past records and appointed an expert panel to examine whether its current child protection policies are working.
Scouts Canada’s announcement comes nearly two months after an investigation by CBC News.


It was reported further that Steve Kent, the organization’s chief commissioner, said in a video and written statement that the organization “sincerely and deeply” apologizes to any and all former scouts who suffered harm at the hands of leaders.
“Our sincere efforts to prevent such crimes have not always succeeded,” said Kent, who is also a Newfoundland politician. “We are sorry for that. We are saddened at any resulting harm.”
The announcement comes nearly two months after an investigation by CBC-TV’s The Fifth Estate found that Scouts Canada kept a “confidential list” of pedophiles barred from the organization and also signed confidentiality agreements with child sex abuse victims.
The investigation revealed that Scouts leaders abused about 340 children from the 1940s until present.

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