News of couple caught having sex inside train scandalizes Toronto

15 Dec

By Alex P. Vidal

TORONTO, Ontario — The story of a man and a woman caught having sex inside a train last December 11 grabbed headlines and continued to occupy prominent spaces in major dailies here even as train officials described the incident as “scandalous” after it was witnessed by children.
Police have charged the couple, believed to be homeless and intoxicated, with engaging in a lewd act on both the subway car and platform in the middle of the afternoon.
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) chief general manager Gary Webster said in a statement he was relieved the couple in the impromptu tryst were not TTC employees.
“On the same light note, we were just pleased it wasn’t two TTC employees involved. That was our first concern when that happened,” Webster was quoted as saying by The Toronto Sun.


The incident was caught by video taken by a fellow passenger. “Sex in the city–there has to be a better way,” screamed Toronto Metro’s December 13 issue.
“The incident happened aboard a southbound train around 2:30 p.m. Sunday. A rider saw the couple–described as intoxicated and ‘old enough to know better’ by TTC spokesman Brad Ross–having sex and activated the passenger assistance alarm, said Ross,” reported the Toronto News Service. “The train stopped and a TTC guard boarded and kicked the couple off at Spadina station.”
They clearly weren’t satisfied and continued on the platform, it was reported.
“A video apparently shot by a passenger shows the train stopped as a man lies on top of a woman, moving rhythmically with his bare buttocks exposed. A TTC employee stands at a reasonable distance and appears to curse at the couple to stop,” added the report.


A passenger described to The Toronto Sun what he saw: “Everybody sort of turned around and looked, then they’d look at the person across from them, then look back (at the couple). We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”
Report said after the couple got off the subway car, “it was cleared of passengers and cordoned off before the train pulled out of Spadina station. The train car was taken out of service and cleaned once it reached the end of the line.”
They were charged and transported to the hospital due to their inerbriation, it was learned.
The TTC is the quick, convenient and safe way to get around Toronto. The subway system is linked with buses and streetcars.

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