‘PNT Singing Idol’ season 5 blasts off in March

10 Jan

By Alex P. Vidal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The season five of the province’s most popular singing competition, “PNT Singing Idol,” will reel off in March this year, announced the competition’s new managing director Winnie Chan.
The songfest, open to all residents of British Columbia aged 4 to 26, will have three categories: adult, kids, and teens.
“This year is going to be exciting because we have lots of surprises for both the audience and participants,” announced Chan, a popular TV and entertainment hostess and beauty titlist also known as “Star Bernardo.”
This year, organizers will introduce a side event, a game show entitled “Pilit Na Talent” or “PNT.” There will be audience participation and winners will bring home prizes in cash and kind, Chan said.
Champions in each category will compete in the finals in September. Champion in the finals will receive a round-trip ticket to the Philippines plus Canadian $1,000 pocket money, Chan added.
“We enjoin parents and those with singing talents who are four years olds and 26 years olds to try join the competition because this will be their chance to be discovered in the entire Filipino-Canadian community,” Chan said.
Chan said the songfest has been the stepping of some Filipino-Canadian singers who are now hitting paydirts as singers and entertainers in Canada and the United States.
She was referring to the past winners led by Allan Tanciango (2008 adult champion), Emee Escaro (2009 adult champion), Aileen Lim (2010 adult champion), Sirjo Lasiste (2011 adult champion), Manigeh Murzagi (2008 kids champion), Alyssa Gutierrez (2009 kids champion), Ethel Amistad (2010 kids champion), Chantell Cruz (2011 kids champion).
Also shining in the five-year old song conclave were Jessica Zraly (2008 teens champion), Simple May Natura (2009 teens champion), Eliross Sabas (2010 teens champion), and Hanna Balba (2011 teens champion).
The contest will be spearheaded by the Reyfort Media Group led by chairman and former Montreal Olympian Reynaldo M. Fortaleza of Surrey and Surrey-based Olympia Resto businessman and entertainment guru Lhord Macalanda.
Members of the organizing committee who also act as hosts are Jojo Alpuerto, Jerry “PapaBear” legaspi, and executive producer Nemecio “Nhemy” Cepeda.

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