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What do Filipino-Canadians think about the Corona impeachment

‘Hindi kita maintindihan
(I don’t understand you)’

By Alex P. Vidal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Although most of them have been living in Canada for the past 20 to 30 years now, some Filipino-Canadians are very much aware of showbiz and political events in their native land in the Philippines; they are shoo-in in every no-holds-barred discussion about current events involving sports, entertainment, business, and political figures.
They know that a showbiz matinee idol is a closet gay; that the former girlfriend of President Nonoy Aquino will soon marry a congressman; that a mestizo football player linked to a popular actress is a “mama’s boy”; that the daughter of a defeated presidential candidate has nixed the proposal of a former congressman jailed in Hong Kong for illegal drugs for a romantic reunion, among other juicy tidbits.
Here are some of their thoughts about the ongoing impeachment case against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona:

“It is a waste of taxpayers’ money because the main problems the Filipinos are facing today are poverty, unemployment, calamity, graft and corruption in the government, not whether the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is evil.” SAMANTHA ILUSTRE-FOUCH, 44, Fouch-Juab Realty general manager, Abbotsford, B.C.

“President Nonoy Aquino’s policies and programs to rid the government with undesirable characters must not end with the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. The Bureau of Customs, DPWH, DepEd, PNP also need a major shake-up.” A CERTAIN “GENERAL”, 68, a former Army major and Vietnam War combatant, Surrey, B.C.

“The impeachment of Chief Justice will set a bad precedent because it is common knowledge that it was instigated by the President of the Philippines who does not see eyeball-to-eyeball with the Chief Justice. Who will stop every President at odds with the Chief Justice in the future to do the same thing?” RICARDO AMAMANGLON, 39, Thrift Store staff, New Westminster, B.C.

“No comment. My mother is a clerk of court (in Malolos, Bulacan) and she might not like my statement.”JOSEFINA PAGDILAO-TAMOR, 32, a nurse, Vancouver, B.C.

“(Chief Justice) Corona should be impeached because he is a thorn in the throat of the Aquino administration and he can never have a good working relationship with the executive branch.” RIZALITO GEMORA, JR., 30, Tim Horton staff, Burnaby, B.C.

“The political crucifixion of the head of the Supreme Court will give the Philippines a bad image abroad. It will scare the investors. This is purely a political maneuvering. Nothing more, nothing less.” REBECCA ANGELES, 54, a nanny and passenger of SkyTrain in Nanaimo Station, Vancouver, B.C.

“I will just watch Tom Cruise’ latest movie where he climbed the tallest building in the world in Dubai. I’m not interested about Philippine politics. Sorry, brod.” ALEJANDRO “ALE” SEVILLA, 48, a caregiver and member of security in the “Damayan Concert” for typhoon “Sendong” victims in the Philippines, Surrey, B.C.

“Hindi kita maintindihan (I don’t understand you).” AN ELDERLY MALE PASSENGER on corner Main and 12th Streets, Vancouver, B.C.

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My fellow train passengers in Vancouver have no pants

By Alex P. Vidal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — As a “news hunter,” I normally start my day with a 10-minute bus ride to the Surrey Central Station where I take a 45-minute ride in the SkyTrain (this train indeed lives up to its name because it really “passes the sky” when crossing the Fraser River to New Westminster vice versa overlooking the arch-shaped Pattullo Bridge).
I did not have to go far last Sunday afternoon, January 8, to search for news.
The scene inside the train I boarded at Broadway Station after leaving the recording studio located somewhere in the corner of Terminal and Main Streets, was already news.
Hordes of passengers boarded the SkyTrain without pants. If you did not know that they were participants in the third annual global No Pants SkyTrain Ride in Vancouver, you would think they were bums, lunatics and exhibitionists.
There were mixed reactions from from other riders but none negative. Vancouver event organizer Laurent Piche said, “Most are surprised and kind of like ‘this is strange,” but not much more than that.


It’s Vancouver and it’s not that uncommon, it seems.
The Flash mobbers met at 1 o’clock in the afternoon at Broadway Station and were instructed to board a train toward Waterfront, remove their pants, pretend not to know each other, (try to) keep a straight face and act casual throughout the ride.
“It’s too warm in here” or “my pants are uncomfortable” were some of the excuses participants made when asked by fellow passengers why they had removed their pants.’s Erica Bulman reported that even transit police joined in — maybe not removing their pants, but posing for pictures with mobbers.
“Vancouver’s event was just one of many staged on subways across Canada and 23 other countries,” Bulman reported. “Improved Everywhere started the phenomenon in New York in 2002.” The event has no real point other than to cause “scenes of chaos and joy.”

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