‘We are planting the seeds for you’

01 Feb

-Maxipro Entertainment, ‘FYE Live’ talents sign contract

By Alex P. Vidal

SURREY, British Columbia — Talents from the “FYE Live” and their promoter, Maxipro Entertainment Inc. have formalized their tie-up with the signing of “artist management agreement” at the Reyfort Media Group studio January 28.
Performers who were minors were represented by their parents in the signing of the four-paged contract and a special power of attorney that would bind both parties for a year with a “four-year annual irrevocable option.”

“It is our responsibility to hone your skills,” announced Socorro “Babes” Newland, COO/managing director of Surrey-based Maxipro Entertainment, Inc. “We are planting the seeds for you so that someday those interested to hire your services as talents will come to us and ask how much are they going to pay you.”

Newland stressed that once they have signed the contract, they have become part of a poll of talents “and we know how to market you.”
“It’s always be for the better. We don’t want to start with a big bang and then disappear in thin air,” she added. “It’s a slow but sure kind of approach.”


Maxipro Entertainment Inc. will help the young singers and dancers in the pros and cons of how to promote their album, Newland explained.
“It’s not one-sided. We are committed in the Maxipro and you are also committed as artists,” she further said.
Under the agreement, Maxipro Entertainment, Inc. will represent the performers and act as their negotiator, “to fix the terms governing all manner of disposition, use, employment or exploitation of their talents and the products thereof.”
Maxipro Entertainment, Inc. will “exploit their personality in all media, and in connection therewith, to approve and permit for the purpose of trade, advertising and publicity, the use, dissemination, reproduction or publication of their names, photographic likeness, facsimile signature, voice and artistic and musical materials.


Maxipro Entertainment, Inc. will also hire, fire and give direction to such theatrical agents, booking agencies and employment agencies, as well as other firms, persons or corporations who may be retained for the purpose of securing contacts, engagements or employment for the performers.
The performers will be solely responsible for payment of all booking agencies, fees, union dues, publicity costs, promotional or exploitation costs, traveling expenses and/or wardrobe expenses and reasonable expenses arising fromm the performance by manager of services hereunder.
In the event that manager advances any of the foregoing fees, costs, or expenses on their behalf, or incurs any other reasonable expenses in connection with their professional career or with the performance of manager’s services hereunder, they shall “promptly” reimburse manager for such fees, costs, and expenses.


Agreement’s initial term “shall be for one year with a four-year annual irrevocable option from the date thereof to renew the agreement by written notice mailed to artist no less than 60 days prior to expiration of the initial term or option periods, as the case may be.”
The agreement was construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable herein, “and shall be binding upon and enure to the benefit of the parties, respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns.”
The signing of agreement was witness by show floor director Debbie Arkoncel and program coordinator Jackie Diy, both Maxipro Entertainment, Inc. executives and their partner producer, Reyfort Media Group chairman Rey Fortaleza.


Formed on November 27, 2011, the “FYE Live” talents are composed of Nhemy “J.J.” Cepeda, Jr., 12; Andrie Legaspi, 11; Dominique Mailloux, 10; Mia Torres, 9; Bella Acero, 16; Ria Diy, 14; Vanessa Hillman, 15; and Sarah Cantuba, 18.
Also in the group are Angel Escabarte, 15; JP Olin, 25; Martin Torres, 23; Nikki Pangilinan, 28; Vernice Paysan, 23; Charice Curata, 15; Russel Fegueroa, 26; Chantel Cruz, 10; AC Bonifacio, Marlowe and Mikaela Reyes.
Some of them failed to sign the agreement as they were absent and their parents were not around. Singer/actor/cost/columnist Jerry “PapaBear” Legaspi was among the most prominent entertainers who signed the contract.
Prior to contract signing, they talents underwent a day-long workshop on Fashion and Style and Vocal Stage Performance Coaching in December.
Meanwhile, Newland announced that the poll has a new member — Angelica Escabarte.
Other team members of the team are floor director Jonathan Alday, logistics Benilda Fortaleza, assistant logistics Denise Diy, assistant program coordinator Jerry “PapaBear” Legaspi, videographer/editor Rolly Fortaleza and assistant Alvin Barrera.
Hosts include Winnie Chan, Andre Enriquez, Missey Reyes, Ronn Reyes, Miguel Maravilla, Tisha Newland. Performing comedians are Jojo “Bean” Alpuerto, Jerry “PapaBear” Legaspi and Aldo Endique.

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