22 Mar

PNT Idol champ Jessica Zraly makes a good account of herself

By Alex p. Vidal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — In the 2008 “PNT Singing Idol” grand finals, then 13-year-old Jessica Zraly won the title with a hair-splitting version of the late Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you.” A star was born.
In the Vancouver Auditions of the 2012 Canada’s Got Talent on March 11, now 16-year-old Zraly sang a version of “At Last” that would make Etta James (RIP, girl) proud,
The young singer, original cast of the PNT Singing Idol performing artists, rendered a vocal run akin to Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, but she needed to do the whole act: one hand up to her ear, the other with fingers waving proudly as she hits those high notes.
In the first elimination round, she made it together with Groovement (dance group), Iron Kingdom (rock band), West Coast Lumberjacks (lumberjack stunts), Tajah (dancer), Tristan Underwood (kites), Steve and Celeste Presby (singers), Nathan Knowles (dancer), and Cameron Snee (singer).
Groovement, ages 15-23, students – their dancing was in sync. Had the judges on their feet. Easily through, wrote Leader-Post entertainer writer Gord Craig.
Here’s Craig’s rundown: Iron Kingdom, students 19-22 – heavy metal band, they’ve got some skills. Through
Westcoast Lumberjacks – displayed axe throwing, chopping and sawing. Through
Tajah – did a type of Polynesian dance I believe. It wasn’t fantastic, but she made it through.
Tristan, 15 – flies indoor kites to music (I saw an autistic young lad do this quite well on America’s Got Talent). It is pretty mesmerizing and he does it well. Through.
Celeste (40) and Steve (47) Presby – married, work together and sing together. They are actually not too bad. They won’t win, but they’re not bad. Through on a 2-1 vote.
Heidi Smith and Leslie Sakata – Look really good for their ages of 35 and 31. Another Polynesian type dance. Not through.
Nathan Knowles, 16 – Refers to himself as a circus artist. He is a contortionist and acrobat. Very strong and smooth. Through.
Cameron Snee, 13 – He sang Danny Boy and has been taking voice lessons since the age of five. Very pure voice and is easily through.
Jessica Zraly, 16, singer – She told the judges she was singing Etta James’ At Last – a tall order for anyone, but at 16. I have three letters for this performance W-O-W! Very soulful for her age. Outstanding, I actually had goosebumps. Easily through.

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