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Mayors Garin and Tupas should tell parents: ‘leave us alone’

“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.” BRIGHAM YOUNG

By Alex P. Vidal

It’s not good in the eyes and ears of today’s young generation to watch and hear parents of rising political sons and daughters decide for their offspring’s political activities.
If they believe in the independence and competence of their children now making a name for themselves in politics, former Congressman Oca Garin and former Governor Niel Tupas Sr. should take their hands off from the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP)-Iloilo election on September 5.
Before the Liberal Party (LP) coalition decided to support a common candidate, Barotac Viejo Mayor Niel “Beng” Tupas III, Garin had also been feverishly pushing for his daughter, Guimbal Mayor Christine Garin, for the top LMP post. After efforts to convince municipal mayors and their padrinos (he was unable to get their blessings) that his daughter was a better alternative, flabbergasted Oca Garin threw in the towel.
Tupas III is good as elected, at this early — bearing unforeseen circumstances and “unforeseen treachery”, so called.


If he had his way, Oca Garin, known for his unconventional last-minute maneuvering (ever heard of the “don’t trust Oca” remarks?), would fight tongs and hammer to ensure that Mayor Christine Garin is elected. But he was up against a wall — a formidable force composed of Gov. Art Defensor, former Gov. Tupas, second district Rep. Arcadio Gorriceta and even Senate President Frank Drilon.
After a disastrous political adventure in the Philippine Councilors League (PCL)-Iloilo where Garin bet, Pototan SB Member Paolo Guanco, was waylaid by Defensor bet, Janiuay SB Member Paulino Parian, Oca Garin realized it would be catastrophic to again anger the gods, if he did not support Tupas III and continue to insist for his daughter.
If Mayors Garin and Tupas III believe they possess qualities to lead the strong organization of local government executives in Iloilo, they should campaign independently and not base their decisions and actions on the intramural and compromises of their elders.


They should exercise their full rights and independence to contest the coveted LMP post in a fair and democratic process sans intervention from the “olds”. Mayors Garin and Tupas III should tell their parents, “please leave us alone; this is our league, this is our time. We can manage.”
They should convince all and sundry that they are better leaders with or without endorsement from their parents. They should speak more, show their followers and peers they’re able and competent not because they carry the family names of grizzled political giants, but because they are really good and destined to lead. They should be the ones making a lot of noise, not their excited parents.
It’s enough that their parents were instrumental, in one way or the other, in their victories in the recent local elections. Any parent would campaign hard and ensure the win of anointed son or daughter. But beyond that, sons and daughters should paddle their own canoes and cultivate their own gardens. Father and mother wouldn’t be on their side forever — or at least while they are in public service.


Philip II of Macedon had a more colorful military conquest compared to his son, Alexander the Great. But Alexander the Great eclipsed his father’s notoriety and military excellence when he charted his own path and refused to live and operate under King Philip II’s shadow.
Alexander the Great created his own destiny and dwarfed his father’s achievement politically and militarily. While his father conquered kingdoms, Alexander the Great conquered territories.
When historians chronicle the world events, they remember Alexander the Great more than Philip II of Macedon, who was murdered by his male live-in partner, Pausanias of Orestis.

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