Mayweather fight judge also ‘victimized’ Pacquiao, Mayol

16 Sep

“The boxing world is full of all kinds of corruption.”


By Alex P. Vidal

Complaints have been mounting against the lady judge who scored 114-114 in the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Saul Canelo Alvarez 12-round WBA/WBC super welterweight championships September 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mayweather dominated the fight but managed to win only by “majority” decision instead of “unanimous” decision. Judges Craig Metcalf and Dave Morittee gave Mayweather a shutout victory — 117-111 and 116-111, respectively. Third judge Cynthia J. Ross saw the fight even at 114-114.
Experts claimed Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs) fought intelligently from a distance and controlled the fight from first to last round, thus there was no way for Alvarez (41-1-1, 30 KOs) to get an even score after 12 rounds.
Boxing writer Robert Coster criticized Ross’ scorecard saying it “provoked disbelief” and brought the lady judge “once again at the center of a controversy.”


“In view of this latest brouhaha, it’s interesting to look back at Ross’ record as a judge, a record that has raised eyebrows on more than a half dozen occasions in major fights,” Coster suggested.
This was what Coster had noted in his article “C. J. Ross strikes again” posted on several hours after the Mayweather-Alvarez result was announced:
-June 9, 2012 — Manny Pacquaio vs Timothy Bradley. Ross scores 115-113 in favor of Bradley, a score widely condemned by fans and media.
-Nov. 12, 2011 — Juan Carlos Burgos vs Luis Cruz. Ross was the only judge not to score heavily in favor of Burgos. Scored it a 95-95 draw.
-Aug. 13,2011 — Abner Mares vs Joseph Agbeko I. She was the only judge not to see Mares as the winner. She scored a draw 113-113.
-May 7, 2011 — Rodel Mayol vs Javier Gallo. The other judges saw it heavily in favor of Mayol. Ross scored a draw 95-95.
-Feb. 7, 2008 — Kendall Holt vs Ben Tackie. The other two judges scored heavily in favor of Holt. Ross’ score was a draw 95-95.
-July 13, 2002 — Kevin Kelly vs Humberto Soto. Ross was the only judge not to score it in favor of Kelly. She saw a draw at 114-114.


Ross insisted she scored the fight correctly. “I stand by my decision,” she told TMZ.
In a separate interview with USA Yoday, Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer defended Ross. “Just because a judge’s scorecard ends up even, doesn’t mean the judge necessarily thought the fight as a whole was even,” Kizer said. “It could be that a judge has six rounds for each fighter, but the six rounds she gave fighter A, she gave them to him easily and the six rounds she gave fighter B, they were really close rounds. That’s pretty much how it was last night…I know most of the people won’t understand it, and I understand that.”
Kizer considers Ross as one of the NSAC’s top judges, and is not thinking about any disciplinary measure.

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