How a boxing bout could end in draw 

12 Apr

By Alex P. Vidal

There are three possible ways for the Pacquiao vs Bradley rematch to end in a draw: 1. Accidental head butt before round four; 2. Split draw after 12 rounds; and 3. Majority draw after 12 rounds.
According to rules, if the ring physician, consulted by referee after a fatal head clash before the fourth round, considers one of the fighters unfit to continue due to the wound he suffered, the referee automatically waves off the fight and declares a technical draw. The champion retains his title.
The scenario is not most likely to happen in the Pacquiao vs Bradley rematch since one of them fights in the distance and does not gore an opponent. While Pacquiao wants a fierce brawl, Bradley wants a cha-cha dance.
In split draw after 12 rounds, the three judges submit contrasting results. One for Pacquiao, the other for Bradley, the third one even.
In majority draw after 12 rounds, two judges score a draw while the third judge scores either for Bradley or Pacquiao. The draw score of the two judges will overcome the third judge who scores either for Bradley or Pacquiao.  
Among the three possible draws in world title bouts in history, split draw was almost always the main reason.
A “no contest” usually occurs when the referee terminates the bout because both protagonists refuse to follow repeated instructions and ignore the authority of the third man in the ring. 

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