Mom Judy’s silence is deafening while son Mar Roxas is hurting

28 Apr

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”  Elbert Hubbard

By Alex P. Vidal

Nanay Dionisia summoned all the saints in heaven and cursed anyone who hurt or insulted Manny Pacquiao to show her “deep love” for a son.
Each time the popular boxer was caught in a web of scandals, nanay Dionisia was always there to pick up the cudgels and carry the bolo to defend her son.
When Capiz Rep. Gerry Roxas Jr., popularly known as Dinggoy, was still alive, her socialite mother, Mrs. Judy Araneta-Roxas, never allowed any detractor to besmirch Dinggoy’s reputation. Our friend, Boggie Gonzalez, said he defended Dinggoy from media attacks and risked his life for the country’s youngest congressman “because that was what Inday Judy wanted me to do.”
Gonzalez challenged airport cops who allegedly found marijuana leaves in Rep. Dinggoy Roxas’ possession to a duel. “They framed him up,” Gonzalez bewailed. “Congressman Dinggoy is not a drug addict.” The duel did not materialize and the incident “died a natural death.” No case was filed against Rep. Dinggoy Roxas, who died of colon cancer on April 15, 1993, at 32.


He was replaced in congress by older brother, Mar, who became a senator after a stint as secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry.
Now the DILG secretary, no doubt the most recent media blitzkrieg portraying Mar Roxas as a bully and arrogant public official, has caused a dent on his quest for presidency of the country in 2016, in one way or the other.
The Wack Wack golf club brouhaha had been played up in tri-media, including the internet, with much frenzy and magnitude of a sex scandal involving a religious preacher.
Although most versions of the story corroborated with what really happened when Roxas allegedly lost his cool and badmouthed the staff of the exclusive golf club, Roxas caught himself in a very tragic circumstance for being a politician and a future presidential timber.
Faced with a tidal wave of criticism left and right, Mar Roxas was forced to apologize. As of this writing, he was still reportedly nursing from the backlash of his unsavory behavior.


The news shocked Capiznons and friends of the Roxas family, who have known Mar Roxas to be “soft-spoken” and “somebody who always runs away from unnecessary trouble.”
They were particularly more startled when mommy Judy hasn’t come forward to at least defend her embattled son, which she usually did in the past, especially when critics called the late Rep. Dinggoy a “drug addict.”
Even when media rapped Mar Roxas for the government’s “delay” in the response to help victims of “Yolanda” super-typhoon in November 2013, mommy Judy did not issue any terse statement to belie the accusations against her son.
People in Capiz and all their supporters in Western Visayas, for that matter, have been waiting for Mrs. Judy Araneta-Roxas to come to her son’s rescue. The matriarch of the Roxas family is still considered until today as one of the most powerful and influential mothers in Philippine politics, having been wounded in the 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing along with husband, the late Senator Gerardo.


In all the scandals and troubles that Mar Roxas had been involved with under the present administration, mommy Judy has not been heard of and nowhere to be found. Is she not happy with her son’s performance?
Was she not satisfied when her family’s dreams for Mar Roxas to become president was not realized after he paved the way for fellow Liberal Party stalwart Noynoy Aquino? Or has she relinquished the role to defend Mar to daughter-in-law, Korina Sanchez, and isn’t anymore inclined to tolerate a spoiled brat?
Whatever was the reason for her cold participation in all the controversies that bedeviled Mar Roxas recently, the silence of Mrs. Judy Araneta-Roxas is deafening.

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