BRIEF PRE-FIGHT ANALYSIS: What to expect when Pacquiao and Algieri throw punches

22 Nov

By Alex P. Vidal

–Pacquiao is left-handed. He throws a jab with his right and makes a follow up straight with his left.

–Algieri is orthodox or right-handed. He throws a jab with a left and makes a follow up straight with his right.

–Pacquiao will attack and tries to get nearer Algieri most of the time so he can connect with solid combinations.

–Algieri will try to stop Pacquiao in his tracks by using his reach advantage and sprays Pacquiao with a two-punch (jab-straight) combination.

–Pacquiao, being the shorter, will go in front of Algieri.

–Algieri will use lateral movements (footwork) and step side by side to avoid a frontal assault.


–Pacquiao will use a left hook most of the time to catch the taller Algieri. A left hook will come after a set-up right jab. The fight could end with a single shot (left hook). If the impact is not so strong, Pacquiao can make another follow-up left hook or right uppercut. Pacquiao could finish off Algieri in any round with a two-punch combination.

–In order to knock out Pacquiao, Algieri must be able to connect at least five unanswered blows which is a remote possibility considering that Pacquiao moves quickly and can evade Algieri’s dragnet after being hit with two unanswered punches.

–To beat Pacquiao, Algieri must start piling up points in the first phase (rounds 1 to 6) of the bout and sustain it in the last six rounds. That is granting that Algieri will survive Pacquiao’s juggernaut in the first four rounds which is expected to be violent and bloody.

–Normally it should be Pacquiao, given his vast edge in experience, quality of opponents plus speed and force, who should win by either KO or TKO. If he fails to flatten Algieri past seven rounds, the fight can go to the judges’ scorecards.

–Normally it should be Algieri, because of his height and reach advantage and perhaps stamina, who should win on points if Pacquiao can’t connect the much-ballyhooed haymakers. If Algieri will run most of the time and forget that the fight will be decided on the scorecards thus he fails to land crisp punches that would convince the judges, Algieri will lose by unanimous decision.

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