Rivals admit: Pacquiao is a ring monster

27 Feb

“I’m just a regular person who believes life is simple, and I like a simple life.” Manny Pacquiao

By Alex P. Vidal

IS Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KOs) really an extra-ordinary human being?

Did God create him for a purpose?

No other prizefighter in the world has won eight world titles in eight different divisions.

Only Pacquiao.

No other boxer outside the United States has commanded the respect and admiration of fans that would equal if not eclipse the respect and admiration they showed Muhammad Ali.

Only Pacquiao.

We have not heard of any fighter who did not complain about Manny Pacquiao’s speed and force after being annihilated in the ring.

In all the post-fight media conferences that we’ve attended as an accredited media representative in Pacquiao’s major fights in the United States, almost all of those who have been vanquished have one common lament: Pacquiao is a ring monster.

Marco Antonio Barrera: “Pacquiao’s too fast. And he hits like a thunderbolt.”

Erik Morales: “Pacquiao’s speed surprised me a lot. He is so powerful.”

Joshua Clottey: “He is really fast and he packs extra-ordinary power in both fists. I was lucky to survive.”

David Diaz: “It’s difficult to hit Pacquiao because of his speed. He connects with a powerful impact. I thank him for giving me an opportunity to hit pay dirt (for fighting him).”

Oscar De La Hoya: “He was a better fighter. He was fast and he connected effectively.”


Ricky Hatton: “I didn’t see his punches. They were delivered with a dizzying speed. I was never hit like that before.”

Antonio Margarito: “I knew it was hard to hit him because of his speed. He also outboxed me and my (eye) injury was a result of how powerful were his punches.”

Shane Mosley: “His quickness is really amazing. He is quick in throwing combinations and quick in avoiding punches. His punches are strong and dangerous.”

Timothy Bradley: “I have never seen a fighter as fast as Pacquiao. His force is so intimidating.”

Juan Manuel Marquez: “Pacquiao is fast and strong but I am a better fighter. I am not afraid of him.”

Brandon Rios: “Pacquiao is so quick. He also hits like a rock and it’s too risky to engage him in a toe-to-toe rumble.”

Chris Algieri: “He is really fast and very strong. I have no complain whatsoever.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr: (Let’s wait and see)

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