A kiss and tell Lothario

28 Nov

“Classy bitch, don’t kiss and tell. Smack her ass and then wish her well. Life sucks, better give em hell.”
— Mac Miller


By Alex P. Vidal

NEW YORK CITY — Any public official, or private individual for that matter, who intends to engage in illicit affair must beware when choosing a partner.
If she is a woman and makes a mistake of picking a kiss and tell Lothario like Ronnie Dayan, God have mercy on her.
If he is a man and thinks his decision to admit that he is the lover of Ai-Ai delas Alas or Dionisia Pacquiao will give him instant fame, God have mercy on Ai-Ai and Mommy Dionisia.
If he is a matinee idol and Kris Aquino discloses in a gossip talk show she had sexual relationship with him, God bless that guy.
Even in a permissive society that accepts any male-female, male-male or female-female dalliance, those who will kiss and tell are considered as traitors.


Those involved in any romantic or sexual affair are not supposed to discuss their relationship’s prurient details in public–unless they are under duress or drugged.
Dayan, former bodyguard of Senator Laila De Lima, was neither under duress nor under the influence of any substance when he shamed an enamorata, who happened to be a prominent national figure, in a congressional hearing.
The hearing was supposed to be conducted “in aid of legislation” or to establish De Lima’s link to illegal drug trade, not to determine the degree of the senator’s sexual appetite.
Kris Aquino was not under the influence of drugs or liquor–and was not under shotgun testimony–when she announced on national TV that she had STD or sexually transmitted disease after having a tryst with comedian Joey Marquez.


What transpired between two consenting adults should be “treasured” privately and valued mutually. Since they both “benefited” from the affair, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth if any of them brags about their conquest.
A quarrel that resulted in break up is not an excuse for one party to expose the relationship’s lurid content. But not Dayan.
Even if he was under the behest of the congressmen, he could have just admitted his affair with De Lima and stop there; without prejudice, of course, to his testimony that he received millions from drug lord Kerwin Espinosa.
Dayan revealed something about him other than being a Lothario that the public did not know before he made the testimony that turned into a slut-shaming binge: he had no utang na loob or debt of gratitude.
In his seven golden years of erotic liaison with a former boss, he probably made money. He was “on top of the world”, to say the least, if testimonies of those privy to his closeness with De Lima, a former justice secretary, were to be believed.
Prosecutors and even judges who wanted promotions sought his “blessings”, among other “sidelines.”
No to mention the “tips” he probably got for his alleged errand job for De Lima and the drug lords, if his admission in the House hearing was true.
You don’t kick a former boss-lover who is already down.

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