Itik de Asis rattles Guimaras’ ‘three Stooges’

23 Aug

“Anything you strike, anything you shake or rattle, or just anything that can be picked up, and you can create a sound.” 

— Evelyn Glennie

By Alex P. Vidal20882991_10209822835870464_3941597926135575475_n

NEW YORK CITY — In their psywar game, former Guimaras vice governor Vicente “Itik” de Asis recently made a mincemeat of the island province’s so-called “Three Stooges”– Governor Samuel Gumarin, Vice Governor John Edward Gando, and former Rep. JC Rahman Nava.
They panicked when a certain Rodrigo Gabales, purportedly a “resident” of Guimaras, allegedly filed a plunder and technical malversation complaint against them for the “release” of P264 million in public funds days before the May 2016 elections.
If proven, the three could face jail terms, ouster, and disqualification from holding a public office for violation of the election ban on disbursement of funds during the campaign period.
They suspected De Asis to be behind “Rodrigo Gabales” whose real identity wasn’t immediately established with absolute certainty as of this writing.
What if the alleged plunder and malversation raps were a dud?


In a joint press conference August 22 in Jordan town, the three bewailed the “erroneous” report published in a local newspaper about the amount involved in the supposed plunder and technical malversation raps.
They also cried “political harassment.”
But if the “Three Stooges” were using their common sense, there was no need for them to act like they were next in line to Leo Echegaray in the death chamber.
If they did not touch with malicious intent a single centavo of the amount being floated by “Rodrigo Gabales”, there was no need for them to summon the spirits in the River Styx to look pristine and unalloyed.
If they did not have yet the copy of the supposed formal complaint, there was no basis for them to belie something that could only exist in “Rodrigo Gabales’” fertile imagination.
They could have just shrugged off the issue if they believed it did not have any iota of validity.
Fear of the unknown is tantamount to dousing gasoline to a warehouse being swallowed by conflagration.
It’s the “Three Stooges’” irrational fear that makes them look vanquished, humiliated, and deserted by their vainglory.


And De Asis as the convenient whipping boy and suspected culprit, again?
De Asis does not even belong to a big political party with massive wherewithal enough to submerge the Nava-Gumaren submarine.
And they rattled like they were surrounded by scarecrows in the middle of a dark cornfield?
If it was De Asis, their perennial political punching bag, behind the ersatz gobbledygook, he must now be laughing from ear to ear watching his political nemesis reduced to political pygmies by their over reactions.
Political war is a mind game, too; it’s a battle of gimmickry and how to make your opponents mad while they look like scoundrels and circus performers.
If De Asis was the Real McCoy, he just scored a triple whammy!


THE New York State Department of Labor gave justice to my complaint against a Jewish community leader in Brooklyn in a quick verdict handed an hour after I lodged the complaint in their office on Canal-Varick Streets in Lower Manhattan at 1:30 o’clock in the afternoon August 22, 2018.
Arbiter Mokarram Ahmed first perused the complaint sheet I signed; and buckled down to investigation. After hearing both sides of the coin, the arbiter scribbled his evaluation while I was waiting on tenterhooks.
“Quick justice,” I exclaimed silently when arbiter Ahmed handed to me a machine copy of the verdict and intoned, “good luck.”

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