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Child molester running for congressman

“Defense lawyers are key in promoting the idea that many convicted of child abuse are innocent” — Bethany L. Brand

By Alex P. Vidal442fa-13612173_10206678118334491_1779360806990529016_n

NEW YORK CITY — ATB alyas “Frank Sinatra” wants to run for congressman in the May 2019 Philippine elections.

The problem is neither his lousy voice in the videoke nor his favorite Barong Tagalog (probably the same “uniform” used by the grandfather of his grandfather when the Gomburza Catholic priests were executed in 1872).

It’s his bad reputation as a corrupt fixer and a child molester.

As a fixer of public biddings involving state projects, he escaped unscathed from the long arms of the law because of his connections and “talent” in hiding his shenanigans.

But his child molestation case continues to dangle above his head like a Sword of Damocles even if he allegedly managed to “silence” the victim’s family with cash.

Not only that.

Frank Sinatra doesn’t have respect for members of the Fourth Estate.




He once egged warlord and illiterate Asiong Salonga not just to press charges against anchorman Palito, but to send a hired triggerman in anchorman Palito’s house in Calumpang, Molo in Iloilo City to shoot the hard-hitting broadcaster.

Luckily, Asiong Salonga, who was himself facing a string of criminal cases, including a P5-million estafa from a beer company he had bilked, died of a suspected STD infection (his family swore he died of diabetes) before he could implement Frank Sinatra’s bestial suggestions.

He also sent “I love you so much” text messages and “indecent proposals” to a part-time female newscaster, who resigned and studied practical nursing to escape from his prurient sexual intent.

After a brief dalliance with Frank Sinatra, she “fled” to Saudi Arabia first before marrying a suspected sex fiend (but that’s another story).

With his oodles upon oddles of cash culled from his illegal activities, Frank Sinatra is planning to throw his hat into the political arena and will shoot for a position that has given so much shame and scandal to the Filipinos because of that position’s much-hated “pork” barrel funds, the chief sources of avarice and plunder among corrupt government officials–both elected and appointed.

We will wait until Frank Sinatra files his certificate of candidacy and unmask him more as a charlatan and a member of the underworld.

He used to sing his favorite “My Way” in a small-time eatery that became a videoke pub at night in the Diversion Road before Senator Frank Drilon implemented his multi-million road-widening and beautification project that catapulted Iloilo City into the totem pole of the newly refurbished metropolis in the Philippines.

Frank Sinatra made millions from his scandalous, immoral, illegal and shameful transactions which we will expose once he has become an officials candidate “so the public may know.”

Yes, he did it his way.

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Once there was a ‘theory of the four humors’

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” — Hippocrates

By Alex P. Vidal41149296_10212431981217467_3632337787363000320_n

NEW YORK CITY –– There was a time in our history when the celebrated Greek doctor Hippocrates postulated that all human emotions flowed from four bodily fluids, or humors:

-blood (which makes us cheerful and passionate);

-yellow bile (which makes us hot-tempered);

-black bile (which makes us depressed); and

-phlegm (whick makes us sluggish or stoic).

Though the good doctors’ humors have given behavioral scientists a nice structure for examining personality types such as sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic, the idea that our bodily fluids make us angry, depressed, or elated died out in 1800s.


The ancient Greeks believed that the Four Humors were responsible for the nutrition, growth and metabolism of the organism.

They originate in the digestive process. In Greek Medicine, digestion happens in four stages:

-The First Digestion happens in the gastrointestinal tract, and produces chyle; its waste product is the feces, or stool.

-The Second Digestion happens in the liver, and produces the Four Humors.  Its wastes are eliminated via the bile, urine and sweat.

-The Third Digestion happens in the blood vessels, and feeds the principal organs of the body. Its wastes are eliminated via the urine and sweat.

-The Fourth Digestion happens in the tissues, and is the final congellation of the Four Humors into living tissue. Its wastes are eliminated similarly to the Third Digestion.

-The Four Humors originate in the liver in the Second Digestion as follows:

Blood, or the Sanguine humor, is the first to arise, and receives the richest, choicest share of nutrients. It is the most plentiful humor, and enters the general circulation.

Phlegm, as Plasma or the Phlegmatic humor, is the second to arise and receives the next richest share of nutrients.

It is also very plentiful, and enters the general circulation.

Yellow Bile, or the Choleric humor, is the third to arise and receives a rather coarse, meager share of nutrients. It is not so plentiful.

Only a slight residue enters the general circulation; the rest is stored in the gall bladder, its receptacle, to be used as needed.

Black Bile, or the Melancholic humor, is the last to arise, and receives the coarsest, most meager share of nutrients. It is the least plentiful. Only a slight residue enters the general circulation; the rest is stored in the spleen, its receptacle, to be used as needed.


The first two humors, blood and phlegm, are moist and flourishing, and are the metabolic agents of the Wet elements – Air and Water, respectively. Most of the nutrition, growth and metabolism of the organism depends on them.

The last two humors, yellow bile and black bile, are dry and effete, and only needed by the organism in small amounts. They are the metabolic agents of the Dry elements – Fire and Earth, respectively. Although only needed in small amounts, they are potent and essential catalysts where needed.

The withering of the Hippocratic belief in humors proved to be good news for patients who were not thrilled with the practice of bloodletting, a process of opening a patient’s veins to lower blood levels in an attempt to bring the humors into balance and cure all manner of mental and physical ills.

Bloodletting, with a knife or with leeches, was an accepted medical practice from the time of the Greeks, Mayans, and Mesopotamians; and it was going strong at the end of the 18th century, when George Washington had almost two liters of blood let out to cure a throat infection. He died shortly afterward.


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