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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” H. P. Lovecraft

By Alex P. Vidal

NEW YORK CITY — A prejudice against homosexuals is called homophobia.
The word is a blend of the word homosexual, a mix of neo-classical morphemes, and phobia, which derives from the Greek word Phobos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”.
Thus fear of heights is called acrophobia; fear of spider, arachnophobia; fear of wild animals agrizoophobia; fear of darkness, achluophobia.
Fear of pain, agliophobia; fear of fire, arsonphobia; fear of floods, antlophobia; fear of flying, aviatophobia; fear of imperfection, atelophobia, and so on and so forth.
Some Filipinos fear that if Mar Roxas will be elected as next president of the Philippines in 2016, his wife, Korina Sanchez “could be the next or even worse than Imelda Marcos.”


Because of their disdain for Korina, they won’t vote for the Liberal Party’s standard bearer; not because Roxas is incompetent, corrupt or a dictator. But because he is the husband of Korina period.
In other words, Roxas, one of the most qualified presidential wanna-bes, could lose some votes or kiss his presidential ambition goodbye because of Korinaphobia.
Is it a fear of the unknown? A misplaced fear? A prejudice view from Korina bashers?
How and where did the “fear of Korina Sanchez” originate?
Aside from the negative allusions to her past and private pecadillos, critics think she had a misfortune of carrying a mestiza face that radiates a contrabida aura.
Of course it’s not her fault why she was born a mestiza.
Her fault is that, by a stroke of luck, she could be the next first lady; and her detractors dread the day seeing her becoming an Evita Peron and, oh yes, Imeldific! Marie Antoinette? Lady Chatterley?


If we look back at history, Filipinos, who struggled to regain their cultural heritage and identity against abusive foreign colonizers, have always had misgivings with mestizas or “maldita”-looking women and viewed them as symbols of arrogance, oppression, squander and profligacy.
Thus they look down at them with utmost contempt and insolence.
This also explains why the likes of native-skinned, Nora Aunor, and “morena” beauty, Alma Moreno, are penciled-in for any elective position, aside from their staggering popularity in the soap opera showbiz world.
Would Mar Roxas be elected president overwhelmingly if his wife were Nora Aunor?

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In fairness to Korina

“Fairness is not an attitude. It’s a professional skill that must be developed and exercised.” Brit Hume

By Alex P. Vidal

THE problem with being the wife of a prominent politician is that you are always under close scrutiny; even the way you shape your eyebrows and the manner you move your lips are subjected to microscopic sleuthing.
Such is the misfortune that befell Korina Sanchez, twice a recipient of disparaging remarks from do-gooders and dyed-in-the-wool haters; fault-finders who always find pleasure in mocking the first lady wanna-be with catatonic impulsion.
When Korina committed a lapsus linguae in the super-typhoon “Ruby” forecast during a newscast on ABS-CBN last December 3, detractors were quick to make mountain out of a molehill, tearing her apart like ribbons for being “irresponsible” and a dork.
We know that Korina made the mistake sans malice and bad faith.
Everyone commits a mistake every now and then.
Nobody’s perfect.
One reckless statement does not make a professional media personality a merchant of doom overnight.
Korina did not commit the error with a joyride.
It went viral and the consequences were fatal and unpalatable.


After it caught fire and brimstone in the social media, a hoax report was posted on a satirical website parroting that she was supposedly declared persona non grata by no less than Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The hoax report shot: “Abe, speaking in public after his meeting with officials of Japan Meteorological Agency regarding typhoon Hagupit (Ruby), said that for a public figure such as Sanchez, to say such things towards Japan; is an act “definitely unbecoming of a news anchor, let alone an Interior Ministry’s wife”.
“I am very saddened to hear reports of schadenfreude coming from a TV anchor, who just last year, was put in her place by Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN,” said Abe.
“That is why without a second thought, I am declaring wholeheartedly Ms. Korina Sanchez of the Philippines, as an unwelcome person anywhere in Japan.”
The International Business Times, meanwhile, decried that “many in the Philippines were outraged by the insensitive remark made by the prominent TV anchor. However, for Sanchez, this is not the first time that she has courted controversy at the global level.”


It recalled, citing a Rappler report, that in November last year, Korina, who is ABS-CBN’s chief correspondent and anchor of its flagship newscast TV Patrol, had lashed out at CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for criticizing the country’s government and their response to handling the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).
“Following her insensitive remark, the recent hoax gained more traction, as now Sanchez’s husband Mar Roxas is said to be aspiring for the President’s seat in the country and any statement from her would have an impact, both at national and international levels,” added the International Business Times.
In another bizarre development, comedian Joey de Leon, of all the people, lambasted the popular TV newscaster on Twitter.
But who is Joey de Leon?
His soliloquy can be easily dismissed as akin to a pot calling the kettle black.

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